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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Self Confidence Vs Over confidence

There are two types of people: realistic and idealistic. Both are needed for the betterment of society. Idealistic people need to develop a little practical wisdom to execute their ideas according to changing circumstances and should be a little liberal to accept slight modification & adjustment in the practical field to work out there plans successfully. But if they stick to their ideology without realizing practical difficulties, if they never try to listen to the people who are experts in execution because of their practical experience and working skill, and are unwilling to accept any advice from anybody, they can be called over confidence people.

For example, he who has never got into a plane trying to occupy the seat of the pilot, or one who has never held a gun is ready to go to battle field or a person terribly afraid of water trying to cross the ocean by swimming. What happened to the great warrior Abhimanyu though a courageous, heroic and bold but a bit over confidant? He knew how to enter into the labyrinth but did not know how to come out of it. He thought that somehow he would be able to manage. His over-confidence cost him his life. Duryodhana also committed the same mistake, He knew the strength of Pandavas, whom sir Krishna himself was protecting. Over confidant Duryodhana underestimated the strength of his opponents and lost everything.

Again there are people of tremendous capacities to perform wonders but who are not aware their own strength. They always undermine their abilities and try to avoid the task. All they need is the little motivation, reminder and inspiration. The moment you awaken that giant within them they will do wonders.

Mahavir hanuman had all power and strength within him to cross the ocean but he was not aware of that. When Jambavan reminded him of his strength, his confidence was awakened and he reached Ceylon jumping across the ocean in search of Mother Sita.

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