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Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Point Lesson - OPL

• One point lessons are :

•Tools to convey information regarding knowledge and skills equipment, and regarding trouble/improvement cases.

•Designed to help enhance knowledge and skills in a short period of time at just the right time whenever needed.

•To upgrade the level of expertise of the whole circle. Their basic principle is for individual members to personally think, study and prepare a sheet with originality and to explain its content to all the other circle members, to hold free discussions

Useful Links to Read:
01. history-of-total-productive-maintenance.html
02. why-implement-total-productive.html
03. what-is-tpm.html
04. 12-steps-for-tpm-implementation.html
05. typical-tpm-organizational-chart.html
06. effectiveness-of-tpm.html
07. 5-principles-in-tpm-development.html
08. purpose-and-main-activities-of-kk.html
09. purpose-and-activities-of-jh-pillar.html
10. purpose-activity-of-pm-pillar.html
11. purpose-activities-of-qm-pillar.html
12. purpose-and-activity-of-dm-pillar.html
13. purpose-and-activity-of-otpm-pillar.html
14. purpose-and-activity-of-e-pillar.html
15. purpose-and-activity-of-she-pillar.html
16. company-wide-tpm.html
17. jishu-hozen-information.html
18. ishu-hozen-equipment-deterioration.html
19. role-of-production-maintenance-in-jh.html
20. jishu-hozen-step-1.html
21. 1s-2s-implementation.html
22. jh-step-01-abnormalities.html
23. exposing-seven-types-of-abnormality.html
24. 2-unfulfilled-basic-condition.html
25. 3inaccessible-places.html.
26. 4-contamination-sources.html.
27. 5-quality-defect-sources.html.
28. 6-unnecessary-non-urgent-items.html.
29. 7-unsafe-places.html.
30. jishu-hozen-step2.html.
31. jishu-hozen-step-3.html.


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