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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nursing collages information Online

Now a days many websites are offering various information of nursing colleges online. Here I suggest you Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts institute well known for there quality and education in health care programmes. They are offering various courses with qualified staff, campus and colleges at various locations. They offer extensive variety of healthcare programs and CE/ Short-Term Courses. There program offerings include Vocational Nurse (LVN or LPN), Ultrasound Technology (Diagnostic Medical Sonography),Radio logic Technology (X-Ray), MRI Technology,Psychiatric Technician, Phlebotomy Technician (CPT 1). t is the goal of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts to assist every student in procuring financial aid that enables the student to attend college. Gurnick participates in various federal and state student financial assistance programs. For more details you may visit http://www.gurnick.edu/ site.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Countertop Options for kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home and everybody wants to look it beautiful. Many among us are selected countertop options which helps visual effects for better and attractive looking of kitchen. With hundreds of options for countertops and kitchen surfaces, it′s best to narrow the scope by deciding how long the counter should last, how durable it will be, how difficult to install, and how costly. http://www.marblecityca.com/ site provides lot of choices and option for you to choose best countertop for your kitchen. For more detail just go and visit this site.

Health care programmes with Gurnick Academy

Dear Friends if you decided to make your career in medical field and searching for an institute with quality and reputation then once visit http://www.gurnick.edu/ site. Gurnick Academy is committed to providing a learning environment that unquestionably transforms students’ lives and gives them the essential knowledge they need to advance in their chosen health care careers. This not only prepares the students to pass the state and national examinations, but sets them up for productive, fulfilling work lives. At Gurnick, they have great success helping there graduates to find job placements. Huge campus with various courses including nursing school california Vocational Nurse Program, Psychiatric Technician Program, Ultrasound Technology Program and Radiologic Technology Program. For more details go and visit this site.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

World Environment Day - 5th June

Dear All,

5TH June is celebrated as the “ World Environment Day “. On this occasion let us take pledge to save our mother Earth by:

1) Planting more trees.

2) Save existing trees.

3) Use less papers.

4) Conserve water / energy.

5) Comply with pollution norms of vehicles.

6) Save petrol / diesel for future generation.

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