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Monday, December 28, 2009

1S-2S Implementation

1 Seiri – Sort –Eliminating unnecessary items from the work place.
An effective visual method to identify these unwanted items. A red tag is placed on all items. These are then moved to a new area. This is for evaluation of red tag. But , to be decided with in a time period.

2 . Set in order – Seiton – Efficient & Effective storage method.
Strategies for effective or outlining work areas and locations, shadow board and modular shelving and cabinets for needed items.

1S 2S Implementation Methodology

1) Division of factory premises into various zones (zone limit to single digit)

2) Formation of team (Leader & members)

3) Master plan for 1S 2S company wide

4) Master plan for 1S 2S activity for each zone

5) Background of zone ( If you want to start the bad condition you can start )

6) 1S implementation : Required items Not Required items ( one time activity )
Move to Red tag Area

7) Action plan for parts in red tag area.

8) Before & after photo with key points at the bottom(Fixed point photo)

9) Self Audit

10) Other zone leaders audit with improvements points

11) 2S implementation : Required quantity to define , assigning a place , marking / labeling ,Based on place you have allocated Keeping parts / accessories in the allocated place.(Need to get feedback from work force)

12) Self audit.

13) Other zonal leader audit.

14) By 1S 2S : improvements achieved – system related & Layout related

15) Benefits got out from 1S 2S zone wise

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